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A family-owned, family-friendly, membership/invitation-only private firearms range located just south of Johnson City, Texas  

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Pistol, rifle, and shotgun target areas on site

Targets and Ammo for sale

…and we also offer


* TX DPS Concealed Handgun License Classes


* A Variety of Pistol, Carbine, and Shotgun Courses

(For more information on training, please email or call) 

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Members are also invited to participate in periodic ‘Fun Shoots’

Coming soon…cool videos of some of the fun things we’ve done!

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  Range Usage & Membership Options  

_____ Invited Non-Member Range Fee: $10/visit Minor shooting w/Adult $5/visit

_____ Basic Individual Membership: $35/year + $5/range visit ($7.50/visit for each adult guest - Minor shooting w/Adult $5/visit)

_____ Extended Individual Membership$100/year, no per visit fee ($7.50/visit for each adult guest - Minor shooting w/Adult $5/visit)

_____ Family Membership: $50/year + $5/range visit for each listed family member ($7.50/visit for each adult guest - Minor shooting w/Adult $5/visit) Family information sheet required.

_____ Extended Family Membership: $150/year, no per visit fee for listed family members ($7.50/visit for each adult guest - Minor shooting w/Adult $5/visit)  Family information sheet required. 

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Safety is our highest priority!

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* First-time range visit – whether shooting or not - requires completion of a safety orientation/range protocol briefing and a signed release waiver for all members, guests, and invited non-members. 

* Failure to follow all safety rules and range protocol can result in ejection/banning from the range and cancellation of membership without refund.

* If a member invites a guest, the member is responsible for that guest and their behavior while on the range.  If you have doubts whether your guest will follow the rules or behave appropriately, don’t bring them – it can cost your range usage privileges!

* Family memberships include immediate family members only.  All family members who will participate in shooting activities must be listed on the family membership application.  All family members who will be on any part of the range must have a signed waiver on file, whether shooting or not.  Parents/guardians are directly responsible for minors.

* We are not open to the public – we are a membership/invitation-only private firearms range.  The range is generally available from 9 a.m. to dark daily. 

* Range time must be scheduled in advance to avoid conflict with training classes, etc.  Email info@wildbillsguns.us or call 830-385-6332 to request range time, and if you get voicemail, please leave your name, number, and a message.  We’ll check availability and get back to you.  

* This is a “lost brass” range and we use the brass to help defray operating costs.  Please pick up your empty cases, and if there is not a bucket available, please pile them on the center island.  Don't worry about sorting by caliber - we'll take care of that. 

Please do NOT put empty cartridges of any kind in the trash cans. 

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If you want to become a range member, you can email info@wildbillsguns.us or call 830-385-6332, and if you get voicemail, please leave your name, number, and a message.  We will ‘invite’ you to visit as a guest, give you driving directions, and meet with you for your orientation/safety briefing and to complete your release waiver prior to you using the range.  

Membership options are shown above – cash only, please.  

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Questions? Please email or call!


Email anytime:     info@wildbillsguns.us or info@atag.ws 

Or call:    830-385-6332    9 a.m. - 9 pm. CT 

If you get voicemail, please leave your name, number, and a message!




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