Wild Bill's Guns




Welcome to Wild Bill's Guns

where we specialize in building and customizing

* tactical, benchrest, and hunting rifles, including AR-15s

* 1911s and similar pistols

* combat, home defense, and hunting/field shotguns

* offering DuraCoat finishing services for refurbishing your favorite

old firearm or protecting your new one 

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We are now proud to offer a variety of firearms training 

programs through our training component

Advanced Tactical Armaments Group (ATAG)

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Please call 830-385-6332 or 

email info@advancedtacticalarmamentsgroup.com  

for more information!

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Looking for Executive Protection Services training?
Check out our Associates, Patriot Readiness Options (PRO) LLC!

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Other services include:

* Federal Firearms License holders - we are happy to special order your firearms

* Texas DPS Concealed Handgun License Instructors


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* Invitation/Members-Only Private Range Available 

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With a fully-equipped shop and more than thirty years' experience in firearms

customization, accurizing, and repair, we're proud to provide the highest quality

customization and gunsmithing services at reasonable and competitive prices.

An on-site 100-yard range and regular visits to a 600-meter range allow us to test all weapons 

and ensure their optimum operation and accuracy.

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Guns are both business and pleasure for us.  We shoot regularly with

friends, family, and range members, offer a variety of firearms training programs, and enjoy hosting 'fun shoots'.  

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Thanks for visiting our website - 

it's a work in progress and we'll be adding pictures, videos, and updated information regularly. 

We look forward to seeing you on the range, and to serving your firearms training, purchase, and customization needs.



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