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Welcome to Wild Bill's Guns

where we offer quality gunsmithing and customization services, including

* tactical, benchrest, and hunting rifles

* pistols

* combat, home defense, and hunting/field shotguns

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Invitation/Members-Only Private Range Available

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Advanced Tactical Armaments Group (ATAG)

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Please text or call 830-385-6332 or 

email info@advancedtacticalarmamentsgroup.com  

     for more information!

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We are Federal Firearms Licensees  

and are happy to special order your firearms and receive your FFL firearms transfers.

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With a fully-equipped shop and more than thirty-five years' experience in firearms

customization, accurizing, and repair, we're proud to provide the highest quality

gunsmithing and customization services at reasonable and competitive prices.

An on-site 100-yard range and our access to a private 600-meter range allow us to test 

all weapons and ensure their optimum operation and accuracy.

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Guns are both business and pleasure for us.  We shoot regularly with

friends, family, and Range Members, offer a variety of firearms training programs, 

and enjoy hosting seasonal and group 'fun shoots'.  

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Thanks for visiting our website - 

We look forward to seeing you on the range, and to serving your firearms training, 

purchase, and customization needs.



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